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New.....even out on locations savings can be made

BLS are delighted to announce that we have released a new service specifically for the Film and TV industry, making significant savings across the industry, reducing carbon and improving sustainability.

Have you ever thought about having  a  Financial and Sustainably Audit of your Facility Suppliers before you work with them?  Have your suppliers fully met your requirements that is line with your Values.


We know from many years of experience that there are significant savings to be made and many benefits from having a sustainable minded supplier, don’t just take their word or be influenced by a glossy brochure, dig deep and see what you get for your money.


Independent facility companies are going through change but not all companies can leave the past behind, and there were some very bad practices like over pricing and using cheaper grade fuels.

We are poachers turned gamekeeper and know where all the bodies are buried, so why not use that advantage.  With our price promise if you don’t gain you don’t pay but you get to know the true culture of your suppliers.  We know that part of the industry relies on old relationships and in these cases we can support your supplier to deliver the product you want with a complete open and honest book.
Why not join us to have a fair playing field for all.  For more information please contact us:
Film and TV Carbon Reduction Services
Protection of TV and Film Location Services

and protect these idyllic locations 

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