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A consulting firm based in Hampshire United Kingdom. A specialist in transport management, external interims, driver training & assessments and engineering. BLS was created in 2010 to bring like minded people together who have a passion for innovation, design and technology. In addition we have specific skills and knowledge gained from different industry sectors such as the Media, Health, Manufacturing, Motorsport and logistics so have the knowledge and experience to be able to deliver innovative robust solutions.
Our clients regularly tell us what is important to them and we have developed software and process packages to deliver perfomance improvements to meet the client requirement in both the short and long term.

Our clients range from large private organisations to the public sector.  We are customer-focused and understand the pressures on our clients and we are able to quickly identify improvements and/or savings and can offer fully managed transport services or project-based assignments.


Our consultants are very experienced in their specific field and we have a wide range of skills in operations, procurement, technology and engineering to support any project.


Our engagement can be more than self-funded by the savings we will generate – typically in the range of 10%-30% of current operating budgets.



What our Clients think of us:


"This is an innovative organisation that is tailoring specific applications at very real business problems and producing effective and cost-efficient solutions."


"Organisations using these applications will pay less for their transport through optimisation and will be better able to monitor costs and activity at a fraction of the cost of employing staff."


"The way the system reports on and reconciles transport bookings by time, distance & cost ensuring accurate billing and verification of all journeys invoiced is exceptionally good. The reporting of all these features is clear and concise demonstrating to all levels where achievements have been made and where further possibilities lie."

And we are more than happy to put you in direct contact with our clients, which together with our price promise makes us a low risk option.

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